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‘Alaska’ May Still Be Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You

‘Alaska’ has not melted away. The 10-storey glass condo at Strathgowan and Yonge still threatens to radically alter the Uptown Yonge neighbourhood.

'Alaska' (image from City Planning's webpage)

‘Alaska’ (image from City Planning’s webpage)

Since the initial application in February 2013, the applicant has made two sets of revisions; however, these changes fail to substantively address many of our concerns about the potential negative impacts on the adjacent neighbourhood.

For details of the most recent proposal, refer to City Planning’s webpage.

For a summary of UYNA’s concerns about the most recent version of the application, refer to our March 20 2015 blog post.

Thanks to UYNA’s advocacy and the support of our community, at its June 10 meeting, Toronto City Council voted against the current version of ‘Alaska’ and assigned a City lawyer to defend this position at the Ontario Municipal Board hearing, scheduled for January 11 2016.

UYNA, along with the other groups granted OMB party status, may participate in OMB-sponsored mediation in order to find a solution that satisfies everybody. We are hopeful that, through genuine dialogue, the parties involved will produce a version of ‘Alaska’ that is both architecturally interesting and compatible with the Uptown Yonge neighbourhood.

We have come this far thanks to the support and feedback of neighbours like you. As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.

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North York Community Council Votes on ‘Alaska’, May 12

After two eventful years, City Planning has issued a final report on ‘Alaska.’ UYNA is pleased to announce that City Planning opposes the current proposal. The report identifies a set of issues that correspond very closely to those that we first raised at the community consultation in September 2013 and that we have been insisting upon every since. This report represents a significant victory for residents because it attests to the legitimacy of our concerns. Morever, the alignment between residents and City Planning puts us in a strong position as we head toward the Ontario Municipal Board.

At the OMB pre-hearing on March 31, UYNA requested and was granted party status, which means that our lawyer may call witnesses and cross-examine other parties’ witnesses at the full hearing, scheduled for January 2016.

Before then though, the North York Community Council and City Council must vote on City Planning’s final report. On Tuesday May 12, City Planning will ask the NYCC to reject the current proposal and to defend this position at the OMB. UYNA will address Community Council and urge councillors to vote against ‘Alaska’ and to send a City solicitor to the OMB.

North York Community Council Meeting
Tuesday May 12 2015
Agenda item 6.18 is scheduled to be addressed at approx. 10:15am
Council Chamber, North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge Street


Agenda Item NY6.18

City Planning Final Report

Individual residents  also have the opportunity to address Community Council. In order to do so, you must ask to be added to the list of speakers by contacting the NYCC clerk Francine Adamo at nycc@toronto.ca.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may submit your comments by email to Community Council by clicking on the “Submit Comments” button at the top right of this page.

Together, we have achieved a lot in the last two years. City Planning’s negative report on ‘Alaska’ is a testament to the quality of our engagement and intervention in the development process. UYNA encourages its supporters to attend the NYCC meeting on May 12 so that Community Council comprehends the full extent of opposition to a monolithic, 10-storey condo at Strathgowan and Yonge.



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‘Alaska’ Developer Appeals to the OMB

In what has become a de rigeur move for developers, the ‘Alaska’ applicant has appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board,citing an undue delay by the City in responding to the application. A pre-hearing is set for March 31st. UYNA has retained legal counsel and will continue to represent residents’ concerns about the proposed 10-storey mixed use building at Strathgowan and Yonge.

What does ‘Alaska’ look like now?

The applicant submitted a third set of revisions in November, which may be viewed on a webpage set up by City Planning.

This latest submission integrates some of UYNA’s concerns regarding the transition to the neighbourhood; however, several key issues remain unaddressed:

Height and density
The developer has not reduced the height from 10 storeys and has actually increased the density from 132 to 161 residential units. The larger the building, the greater its impact on our neighbourhood.

Vehicle access

The vehicle access has been reconfigured so that all vehicles, except service vehicles, would enter and exit the site from Strathgowan across from Sheridan Nurseries’ main entrance. All of us who live in the neighbourhood know that this configuration is not feasible: that Strathgowan would be even more congested and dangerous than it already is and that more vehicles would use St. Hilda’s and Blythwood to access Yonge Street.

Strathgowan frontage
A 10-storey glass wall with no setback or terracing is proposed for Strathgowan. The developer has not responded to our requests for revisions which would integrate the Strathgowan frontage into the neighbourhood. Instead, ‘Alaska’ is being promoted as a Yonge Street building, even though its largest frontage is on Strathgowan.

UYNA was established to prepare a strong neighbourhood response to the proposed development and other issues that affect the Uptown Yonge neighbourhood. It would be wrong for indifference to allow irrevocable damage to the qualities which make our neighbourhood so desirable. By ensuring that development on both sides of Yonge conforms to City policies and respects our neighbourhood, we are investing in the future of the Uptown Yonge neighbourhood. We welcome your feedback and financial support. Please contact UYNA at strathgowanalaska@gmail.com.






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Revised ‘Alaska’ application submitted to City Planning

On July 11, the revised application for ‘Alaska’ was received by City Planning. In order to facilitate resident engagement, the City has posted all relevant documents on a webpage. Here you may review the architectural drawings and renderings as well as supplementary reports on traffic and shadow impacts, and rental housing issues, as well as an avenue segment study

The Uptown Yonge Neighbourhood Alliance is currently formulating a response to be submitted to City Planning and Councillor Jaye Robinson. We encourage residents to contact us at strathgowanalaska@gmail.com with their comments and concerns and to cc Councillor Jaye Robinson (Councillor_Robinson@toronto.ca) and City planner Nimrod Salamon (nsalamon@toronto.ca).



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41 Chatsworth Drive Community Consultation

The Community Consultation for the 41 Chatsworth Drive development application will take place Tuesday June 24 at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre, Multi-Purpose Room. There will be an open house at 6:00pm, and the meeting will be from 6:30-8:30pm.

For more information about this development application, please see City Planning’s report.

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UYNA’s first official newsletter hits doorsteps

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You’re invited!

Event Image

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Vandalism of EDDO Pollack Design

Last night, the exterior of Bianca Pollock’s store, EDDO Pollack Design, was vandalized. The Uptown Yonge Neighbourhood Alliance and the Tenants of Yonge and Strathgowan have at all times maintained and promoted respectful dialogue. We condemn such personal attacks as inappropriate, offensive and, ultimately, detrimental to civic discourse.

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UYNA and the Little Party Shoppe offer complimentary Mother’s Day photos

Show her your appreciation with a portrait by Who Do You Love? Photography. Pop into the Little Party Shoppe this Saturday May 10 between 12:00 and 3:00 for your complimentary Mother’s Day photo.

Presented by UYNA and the Little Party Shoppe

Mothers day poster 2014

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