cropped-uptownyonge_final.jpgThe Uptown Yonge Neighbourhood Alliance is a group of citizens who believe that neighbourhoods are a key component of the urban fabric. While we understand that intensification is necessary for the vitality and sustainability of our city, we insist that it be done with sensitivity to the existing context.

We work to ensure that development along the Yonge Street corridor from Keewatin to Glengrove Avenue supports the Official Plan and the integrity of the highly successful adjacent Neighbourhoods.

Why ‘Alaska’?

Alaska from Yonge

We strongly object to the current proposal for the “Alaska” condominium at 2779-2781 Yonge Street and 15-17 and 19-21 Strathgowan Avenue. This proposed development violates key policies in the Official Plan, thereby, threatening the character, stability, and safety of the surrounding Neighbourhoods.

Our opposition to the development is founded upon three critical issues:

  1. Height and density
  2. Traffic Flow
  3. Building Design

For more information, please see Why Alaska?

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