Heat back on at 2779 Yonge

After almost 7 long, cold weeks, heat was finally restored to 2779 Yonge on April 5. Residents, who had been staying at a local hotel for the last couple of weeks, were relieved to return to their homes. Follow-up hearings are scheduled at the Landlord and Tenant Board in June.

Warm thanks to our friends for offering assistance and support to our neighbours at 2779 Yonge during the prolonged heat outage.

Town Crier, April 7

Global News Toronto, April 7


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Where did all the lawn signs go?

After 9 months of dedicated service, our famous lawn signs are taking a well-deserved holiday.

We will re-launch them for the second phase of our campaign, when the ‘Alaska’ developer submits a revised application.

Please contact us, if you have a lawn sign that you would like us to collect.


This lawn sign has served the cause well!

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Hot water finally back on at 2779 Yonge, but still no heat

Residents of 2779 Yonge finally have a sign that their six-week-long ordeal may soon be over. On March 26, hot water was restored to the building. It will likely be another 7-10 days before the heating system will be operational though. In the meantime, some residents continue to stay at a hotel on the landlord’s dime, while others have returned home, happy to at least have hot running water again.

Town Crier, March 26

Global News, March 26

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2779 Yonge Update–March 25

Residents of 2779 Yonge continue to stay at a local hotel while repairs to the heating system are ongoing. At the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing on March 25, the adjudicator was visibly frustrated by the lack of progress so far.

Global News, March 25


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5 weeks and counting… and still no heat or hot water at 2779 Yonge

March 21–Repairs to the heating system at 2779 Yonge have finally gotten underway. The final deadline for full restoration of heat and hot water is March 25.

Until March 18, the residents of the building were staying at a local hotel. The Landlord and Tenant Board had ordered the landlord, Bianca Pollock, to provide hotel accommodation for her tenants until the repairs were complete. At the LTB hearing on March 18, Ms. Pollock offered alternative accommodation at her properties on Strathgowan and at AirBnB units downtown. However, these units turned out to be sub-standard, so the tenants requested another emergency LTB hearing the following day. At this hearing, the adjudicator ruled that Ms. Pollock must continue to provide hotel accommodation for those tenants who could not be accommodated in acceptable units.

The next LTB hearing is scheduled for March 25.

Global News and the Toronto Star have covered these recent developments:

Global, March 19

Toronto Star, March 18

Since the initial outage on February 11, Councillor Jaye Robinson has been working actively with City departments to resolve this situation. Unfortunately though, it seems that, in the short-term, the City can do little more than charge fines for bylaw infractions. UYNA is bringing this situation to the attention of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office, in the hope that the Province will grant the City additional powers to ensure that landlords uphold their responsibilities to their tenants. (In December, City Council passed a motion to request the Province for additional powers to enforce certain aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act.)


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Landlord of 2779 Yonge Ordered to Repair Furnace within One Week

For more details, please see the Global News Toronto coverage.

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Residents of 2779 Yonge Feel Alaska’s Chill

Since Tuesday, February 11, the residents of 2779 Yonge Street have been without heat and hot water. Early in the morning of February 11, one of the residents of the building called 911 when she noticed a strange odour in her apartment. Emergency crews arrived and found high levels of carbon monoxide in the building, caused by a furnace malfunction. The building was evacuated until that afternoon when residents were permitted to return to their homes.

CTV, February 11

City News, February 11

The Technical and Safety Standards Authority has condemned the furnace, but landlord Bianca Pollock claims that she is unable to do the necessary repairs. In the meantime, residents of the building have been keeping as warm as they can by using space heaters and electric blankets, running their ovens, and boiling water.

Councillor Jaye Robinson has been working with various city departments on the residents’ behalf. According to Councillor Robinson, although the city has fined the landlord for bylaw infractions, it does not have the authority to compel her to take the necessary measures to restore heat and hot water.

The residents of the building have applied for an emergency hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board, which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 26. The residents will ask the LTB to hold their rent payments until the landlord has made the necessary repairs to the building heating system. The residents will also ask the LTB for an order requiring the landlord to remunerate them for the number of days of without heat and hot water and for any additional costs incurred because of the outage.

2779 Yonge is one of the four properties earmarked by owner Bianca Pollock for the controversial ‘Alaska’ condominium. In addition to the application to amend the zoning bylaw, the Alaska file includes a Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion application. According to Chapter 667 of the Municipal Code, the City requires that existing rental units be replaced with the same number, size and type of rental units at similar rents. The City also secures the tenants’ right to return to the replacement units and relocation assistance for existing tenants.

According to the residents, the current heating outage is only the latest episode in a series of problems at 2779 Yonge and 15-17 and 19-21 Strathgowan. The residents report that the buildings have not been properly maintained for some time, despite their frequent complaints.

Toronto Star, February 21

Global News, February 21

Global News, February 24

The Uptown Yonge Neighbourhood Alliance supports the Tenants of Yonge and Strathgowan in their efforts to have their basic rights as tenants respected–rights guaranteed by the Residential Tenancies Act.




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Send your comments directly to City Planning

Now you can submit your comments on the ‘Alaska’ condo directly to City Planning with their new Public Consultation App.

As of January 23 2014, a revised application for ‘Alaska’ had not been submitted to City Planning.

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41 Chatsworth–Residents’ Townhall

An unidentified developer has applied to build a six-storey condo on the former site of the Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, at 41 Chatsworth Drive. The site is zoned for detached houses, so the developer has applied for an amendment to the Official Plan and to the zoning by-law. This development application is of special concern because it borders the Duplex Parkette, an area protected by the Ravines and Natural Features Protection By-Law. For more information about the proposed development, click here.


Prompted by the unauthorized removal of at least five mature trees from the development site, the residents of the Chatsworth area are holding a townhall meeting on Thursday, February 6th at 7:30pm at Glenview Presbyterian Church (1 Glenview Ave). If you are concerned about the future of the Duplex Parkette, a cherished North Toronto green space, come out to the townhall to learn more about the condo application and your neighbours’ campaign to oppose it. For additional information on the residents’ organization, click here.

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Happy Holidays from UYNA!

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