Traffic Flow

In the current proposal, the loading dock as well as the entry and exit of the underground parking are off Strathgowan Avenue; however, the configuration of side streets around the proposed site inhibits the efficient flow of traffic.

To head north on Yonge Street, cars would have to exit the underground parking onto Strathgowan, opposite Sheridan Nurseries. Strathgowan is a narrow and already congested side street.

To head south on Yonge Street, cars would have to attempt to turn left onto Yonge. To avoid this left-turn, cars often go south on St. Hilda’s Avenue and west on Blythwood to Yonge. This route is not a viable alternative because, as a report by Devlopment Engineering notes, the St. Hilda’s-Blythwood-Yonge intersection already operates “beyond capacity.”

To head east, traffic must use either Yonge Street to access a through-road or take St. Hilda’s to Blythwood; Strathgowan comes to a dead-end at the ravine, and Aldbury Gardens is a cul-de-sac.

To head west, traffic has to access Yonge Street to a through-road because Strathgowan does not continue on the west side of Yonge.

The configuration of streets around the development site necessitates vehicular access from Yonge Street. Such is the case for the other residential developments along this stretch of Yonge, which is north of the retail section.

Vehicular access for ‘Alaska’ should be off Yonge Street, not Strathgowan Avenue.

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